Welcome to Doc Holliday Metal Productions
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We are official distro for Vic-Records, Zwaertgevegt, Raw Skull Recordz and The Crypt USA. We also offer a vast collection of collector items on CD and vinyl. Click the image to go to our inventory on Discogs.


We release metal records on vinyl and CD. A few of our gems are Graceless - Shadowlands, Gravestone - Sickening, Dead End - Three Decades Of Dommed Death, Solitary - Nothing Changes and Ceremony - Tyranny From Above. Check out the Doc-Records listing on Discogs by clicking the image. 


We are an agency for Dutch and foreign top-notch metal bands. Click the image to check our roster!

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General: dochollidaymp@gmail.com
Agency: alwin.dochollidaymp@gmail.com
Shop: dhmp.shop@gmail.com
Records: docrecordsdhmp@gmail.com