Doc's Blackfest II 

Date: 15 /16 February 2019
Location: Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)
Bands: Enthroned, Soulburn, Ancient Rites and many more. 

Doc's metal cruise

Date: 28 August 2018 
Location: The river Maas ('s-Hertogenbosch) (NL)
Bands: Sinister, Splinter Bomb, Dead End, Disquiet, Sepiroth, Grindpad, Persistense and The Lucifer Principle.

DOC's Northern Invasion

Date: 19 May 2018
Location: Helsinki, Groningen (NL)
Bands: God Dethroned, Toxocara, Procreation, Bloodphemy, Ceremony and more.

doc's blackfest (Veghel Blackfest)

Date: 17 February 2018
Location: Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)
Bands: Rotting Christ, Carach Angren, Svart Crown, Misanthropia, Arkhangelsk, YAOTZIN, Noctambulist, Dystopia and more.

Veghel Deathfest III

Date: 18 November 2017
Location: De Noordkade, Veghel (NL)
Bands: Master, Altar, Exoto, Dawn of Disease, Accid Death, Fenris, Helslave, Graceless, Dehuman, Escarnium,  Warmaster, Dead Man's Walk, Hacavitz and more.

veghel deathfest II

Date: 13 May 2017
Locations: De Noordkade, Veghel (NL)
Bands: Belphegor, Cut Up, The Monolith Deathcult, Wombbath, Rude, Incarceration, Obtruncation, Bleeding Gods, Valgrind, Skelethal, Morfin, Ill Trusted, Pictura Poesis, Dauthuz, Klont and more.  

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Veghel deathfest

Date: 8 October  2016
Location: De Noordkade, Veghel (NL)
Bands:  Unleashed, Dark Millennium, Lifeless, Soulburn, Carnation, Burning Hatred, Paper Doll Decay, Dead Will Walk, Mouflon, The Invict and more.